Digital transformation platform for Nightlife Venues and Events

Empowering your Nightlife venue to take centre stage with cutting edge Technology!

The New Normal Demands a New Way to Host Events.

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End-to End Nightlife Venue platform

Our backstage solution will transform your event/venue with all the tools you need for your Venue/ Event, Website, Apps, POS, Access Control, Cashless Tap & Pay, etc.
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Get set for your future Gigs

Digital Identity will help you build loyalty with your customers and grow your customer base. Connect and engage with your customers and maintain a strong and loyal community throughout the year.
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Affordable & Rewarding

Clubr Backstage offers Simple pricing with no setup fees and maintenance fees. Reinvest your Ticket Sales into an event right from day one and save on every ticket sale.

Learn what Clubr Backstage Can Do for your Nightlife Venue.



Create impactful brand experience across the entire event with website and a mobile app for your event with just a few clicks. From event website to payment check-out page, ticket confirmations emailers to newsletters everything carries your logo, theme and brand elements.
Openup to new possibilities and completely transform your event experience with our set of software tools and IOT devices. Sell Tickets, Accept Guestlists, Table Reservations, Digital Ordering, POS, Cashless Tap & Pay, Keg inventory Management, Ticketing Bots, Customer service bots & more.
Our Event tools built for Events people, we offer a robust real-time solution which gives you complete control. Stay on top of your event with Scalp proof access control technology by managing it from mobile.

Comprehensive Online Booking Solution

Your event, your rules, transform your gate experience completely with Clubr Backstage. All your bookings in one place, our real-time online and box office solutions are connected and designed to sell even after the event starts & to manage high rush & large volume events seamlessly.
  • Online sales
  • On-demand & Real-time Guest Lists
  • Offline Tickets
  • Sell Merchandise
  • Tables & Packs

Robust Platform with integrated marketing & sales tools

Marketing, Event Discovery & Affiliate Modules. Invite your social media promoters or 100% Opt-in enables your events to be promoted by 100's social media influencers in our portal. Seamlessly track from your dashboard and pay only when they sell.
  • Curated Event Discovery
  • Curated social media Influencer’s platform.
  • Campaign Management
  • Push Notifications
  • Newsletters

Bring New Digital Capabilities to your Venue/Events

Clubr Backstage helps you leverage customer data by tracking their digital footprint at every customer interaction. Our Marketing tools and marketing team will help you enhance your brand visibility & sales across the digital landscape with remarketing and advanced digital techniques.
  • Analytics
  • 360-degree tracking & Integration
  • Tag Manager

Why Clubr Backstage?

Clubr Backstage is driving digital transformation through an all-in-one ecosystem designed for venues/events. It is a robust ecosystem that is scalable and reliable offering the best of the technology accessible for events at an affordable price point. We empower your club to be in sync with the digital evolution and adapt to the new normal by digitising your operations and open up new revenue opportunities for your club. We bring new digital capabilities for your club to engage and capture your loyal customers at every interaction with the clubr backstage.

Open Gates with confidence

Clubr Backstage real-time app which has sophisticated tools to speed up check-ins and allows organizers to accept bookings even after the event has started. It is highly scalable with multiple devices and box office tools that let you capture complete user data with analytics.
  • Realtime fraud- and scalping-proof
  • Check-in Group bookings with ease
  • Multidevice Scanner
  • Box Office Tools

All you need, when you need it

We aim for the digital transformation of clubs by offering cutting-edge technology in software and IOT accessible and affordable to them. Our unique set of tools are designed and customised for clubs to integrate data and simplify operations giving you complete control of your venue by digitising every customer interaction.
  • POS
  • QR based Digital Ordering
  • Keg Inventory Management
  • Cashless Tap & Pay

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